Debt Help

Getting the right debt help is extremely important for your situation. It can certainly be a daunting task trying to find the right company to help you and then telling them about your situation. Once you start searching for help with your debts you may see Ads popping up with claims that 80% of your debt can be written off and all sorts. Whilst in some cases this can be true, this does not relate to every situation which is why you need to find the most suitable company to help you with your debt issue. Also take a look their opening hours to make sure you have at least a good 20-30 minutes available to talk or your issue could carry on spiraling out of control.

Once you find the right company the second important thing after this is speaking to an advisor who will listen to your problems and help you accordingly which fits your situation best. In some cases companies see you as a number and it’s very important that your problems are heard effectively.

Getting the right debt solution for you is the main objective and if the company you put your trust in have enrolled you in the wrong option then this could lead to more issues. We do our best to listen and point you in the right direction whether it’s something we can help with or not. We also work with a number of companies who can help on other solutions therefore you can be assured you’re in the right hands.

Opening up about your debt can be difficult as there may be history tagged with the debt you have built up. Take your time and make sure you’re ready to open up about your debts but also make sure everything is disclosed as not doing so could lead to further consequences. It will also allow the advisor to provide you with the right help.


What is Free Debt Advice?
This basically means that the advice you receive is completely at no cost. The advisor will run through some questions and based on your situation will provide you with the best advice or solution that is going to fit your debt related issue. To find out what solution is available for you there is no up-front cost.

How long does it take to set up a debt solution?
You could be up and running with a solution in 2 hours!

How long will the advisor take to run through my options?
Typically this can take anything from 20-30 minutes but can vary depending on your situation.

What if I can’t afford to pay the agreed amount?
This comes down to performing an accurate financial Income and Expenditure. If you feel that you can either pay more or if you need to decrease your payment then let the advisor know as there may be something missed out.

What should I look for when choosing a company to help me?
The biggest factor is that they have an FCA License. You are the judge here. The advisor you speak to should effectively listen to your situation to help you. Be sure to check the company values.